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Discover the Hidden Job Market.jpg

This e-Learning course was developed for in 2020.

"Discover the Hidden Job Market" uses storytelling to engage learners and teach them new strategies for job hunting. The course will be offered for free in EdApp's course library and will drive learners to Portfoliorocket's paid services.

This course was created using EdApp, Camtasia, Vyond, and Canva.

View a sample lesson here.

View client design doc and storyboards here.

*This module is shared with permission from Portfoliorocket.



Comparing SSDI & SSI.jpg

This e-Learning course was developed for a Social Security disability law firm based in Minneapolis, MN, in the Spring of 2019.

The course is used in the onboarding of new employees and is meant to give a brief overview of the Social Security disability system, a topic which most people don't have much background knowledge of already.

This course was created largely from free/low cost resources using Canva, Camtasia, and IsEazy. 

View a sample lesson here.  

View a sample of the same material rebuilt in Storyline.

*This module is shared with permission from Midwest Disability, P.A.




This e-Learning course was a collaborative project developed during my coursework for my Master of Science degree in Learning Design and Technology at the University of Maryland Global Campus in Spring 2020.


Working with two classmates, we identified a need for access to reliable, comprehensive information regarding how best to provide excellent aftercare for pet owners. We created a self-guided e-Learning course that pet owners could reference anytime, anywhere.

This course was created using Canva and IsEazy.

View a sample lesson here.



A New world

"A New World" is an uplifting motivational video for the post-COVID-19 world.


This video treatment was created in Camtasia using only stock video assets from the Techsmith library. It is now being used by Techsmith/Camtasia video ambassador, Matthew Pierce, as an example of video created from stock assets.

I donut believe it!

This is a personal project about one of my favorite things: donuts. Who doesn't love donuts? Turns out there is a lot of interesting history about this delectable treat.


This video was developed using Camtasia to celebrate National Donut Day 2020.

How to create a color palette in canva

In this screencast tutorial I teach users how to create a color palette from a stock photo using 


This project was created in Camtasia to demonstrate several skills, including screencasting, video editing, transitions, zoom & pan effects, cursor effects, titles and audio editing.




Coffee talk

Coffee Talks (1).png

"Coffee Talk" was inspired by the wish to get back into an in-person office one day. 


This tracking image would either be a card or sticker in the office kitchen area, conveniently located near the office coffee pot. Employees or guests alike could scan the code and get a few minutes of light entertainment while on their coffee break. 

This type of widget is easily updated with company info or announcements as well. Projects like this are good for bulletins or rapidly changing company information that needs to be updated and dispersed instantaneously. All of that can be done on the backend with one single, unchanging code. 

Download the Zappar app from the Apple Store or Google Play, then zap the code to see the project.

How to safely wear a respirator

AR Respirator Poster Tracking Image.png

"How to Safely Wear a Respirator" is an augmented safety poster, meant to be posted in employee lounge or work areas. The poster includes analog written instructions, but can also be scanned with a smart device such as a tablet or phone for access to a video demonstration. 


In this way, the content is immediately available in the real world, but can be easily enhanced with assistive technology.

Download the Zappar app from the Apple Store or Google Play, then zap the code to see the project.

Birds of Minnesota

AR Birds of Minnesota Poster.png

"Birds of Minnesota" is an augmented informational display that can either be used as a brochure, exhibit, or as part of a larger outdoor informational kiosk. 

With this project I wanted to experiment with including multimedia within informational displays in nature. 


In this case, the AR experience provides visitors to a local, state, or national park with a way to listen to the calls of local birds, as opposed to simply reading about them. 


Download the Zappar app from the Apple Store or Google Play, then zap the code to see the project.



Gamified stress management

This is a proposed gamified learning program to help employees identify and mitigate personal stressors. This was a group development project completed during the Sententia Gamification Level 1 course. We used the public domain story of Gulliver's Travels to provide a narrative arc for the learner as they work their way through different lands, learn about the stressors in those lands, and help the inhabitants overcome those stressors.

Explore the deck above to learn more about the business goals, learning objectives, learner personas, and game mechanics of the proposed program. 

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